Workshop & Events

1. The first Annual conference of Association of Association of Radiation Therapy Technologist of India held at Hyderabad on 17th August 1997 under chairman ship of Padmahsri Prof Kakarla Subbarao, Director Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences, Punjagutta, Hyderabad. The oneday conference with 5 guest lectures and 3 paper presentation around 45 technologists participated in the conference. Organizing Secretary of first conference was Mr.Sridhar, Sr Technologist, NIMS, Punjagutta, Hyderabad.

2. Second Annual National conference of ARTTI held on 17th November 1998 at GCRI, Ahmadabad. One day deliberation followed by 5 gust lectures and 8 paper presentation. Organizing Secretary of the second conference was Mr.A,R.Patel, Sr Technologist, GCRI, Ahmadabad.

3. Third Annual National Conference ( ARTTICON-99 ) held on 17th November 99 at Meenakshi Mission Hospital Under Chairman ship of Dr.N.Sethuraman, founder & Chairman of MMHRC. One day conference followed by guest lectures, panel discussion & paper presentation Mr.Balasubramaniam was the Organizing Secretary for this conference.

4. Fourth Annual Conference of ARTTICON-2000 held at Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, Mumbai under chairmanship of Dr Dinshaw, Director, TMH on 29th, 30th September & 1st October the three day conference followed by mould room workshop on 29th sept and 30th sep & 1st Oct Guest lectures, panel discussions, oral & poster presentations. Technical officer Mr Telang was the Organizing Secretary of the fourth conference.

5. Fifth annual national conference ARTTICON-2001 held on 23rd December 2001 at BYL Nair Hospital, Mumbai. Ms Lakshmi P.S Iyer was the Organizing secretary of this conference and the one day deliberations followed by paper presentations.

6. Sixth National conference ARTTICO-2002 held at Apollo Specialty Hospital on 30th November & 1st December 2002. The two day conference followed by workshop on LANTIS & IMRT , Guest lectures, Oral & poster Presentations. Mr P.Karunakar was Organizing Secretary for the sixth conference.

7. Seventh National Conference & 1st Inter National ARTTICON-2003 held at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital & RC on 6th & 7th December 2003, with the national delegates & 5International delegates from different countries participated this conference. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & RC Introduced Gunila C Bental Oration Award who was an eminent Professional in Radiotherapy Technology & Dosimetry in North Carolina, USA and an Author of three famous books. The award is given for the Radiation Technologists/Medical Physicists/Radiation Oncologists for his/her out standing contribution made in this field. The tow day scientific delebratations started with first Gunila C Bental Oration Awardee Dr.Katalin Hideghety, Radiation Oncologist from Hungary. Mr G.S.Wadhawan was taken up the task to organizing first International Conference.

8. Eighth National Conference ARTTICON-2004 held at Shiridi Sai Baba Cancer Hospital, Kasturiba Medical Collage, Manipal, Karnataka on 4th & 5th December 2004. Two Day Scientific Deliberation started with Gunila C Bental Oratation Awardee Mrs. Lakshmi P.S Iyer, Sr Radiation Technologist from Mumbai, India. Mr H Sanjeeva Sherigar Organizing Secretary and Mr Challa Palli Srinvas, Medical Physicist was scientific session in charge.

9. Ninth National Conference ARTTICON-2005 held on 1st & 2nd October 2005 at Mahavir Cancer Sansthan, Patna, Bihar. Under Chairman ship of Dr.J.K Sing and Organizing Secretary Mr Manoj Pillai. The two day scientific deliberation with invited talk ,Guest lectures, paper presentations and Oration. Dr.U.B Tripati, Retired Scientist, BARC, Mumbai was the Gunila C Bental Awardee.

10. One decade of ARTTI, Tenth National & 2Nd International Conference ARTTICON-2006 held at home town of ARTTI i.e Hyderabad Organized by Indo American Cancer Hospital Research Center, Hyderabad on 13th,14th & 15th October 2006. 13th was the workshop on IMRT followed by scientific deliberations on 14th & 15th. International Delegates from Ireland, Malaysia, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Around 220 Delegates participated in this conference this is the record in ARTTI history. Ms Mary A.Coffey, RTT from Ireland was the Gunila C Bental Oration Awardee. And Mr Karunakar taken up the task to organizing 2nd International Conference.

11. One more father in ARTTI cap i.e 1st SAARC & 11th National Conference ARTTICON-2007 held at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi on 5th, 6th & 7th October 2007under chairmanship of Prof.G.K.Rath and Mr.J.P.S.Manav was Organizing Secretary. The three Day scientific deliberations started with oration by Dr.S.K.Srivastava, TMH, Mumbai Gunila C Bental Awardee followd by Guest Lectures,Invited talks, Paper & poster presentations and cultural programs. SAARC countries Bangladesh & Malaysia represented this conference.

12. Twelfth National Conference ARTTICON-2008 held at capital city of ”Gods own Country” Trivandrum, Kerala organized by RCC, Trivandrum on 8th & 9th November 2008. The two day scientific deliberations started with Dr.V.Padmanabhan, Consultant Medical Physicist, Trivandrum, Kerala Gunila c Bental Oration awardee. Mr.Sunilkumar .S was the organizing Secretary for ARTTICON-2008.

13. Thirteenth National Conference ARTTICON-2009 held at PGI Chandigarh on 7th & 8th November 2009 Under Chairman Ship of Dr.S.C Sharma and organizing secretary Ms.Meena Gupta. The two day scientific deliberations well organized and Dr.Eduardo Rosenblatt, MD, Division of Human Health – IAEA, Vienna Gunila C Bental Awardee.

14. Fourteenth National & 3rd International conference held Apollo Glangis Hospital, Kolkatha.

15. Fifteenths National Conference ARTTICON-2011 held at AAruni Hospital Pvt Ltd, Rajkot Gujrat on 12th & 13th National Conference under Chairman ship Dr.Vipul Patel and Mr.Kishore Badrakia Organizing Secretary. The two day deliberations Started with Gunila C.Bental Oration by Mr. Appari Sridhar, Sr Technolgist, Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad.