NAME: The name of the Association shall be Association of Radiation Therapy Technologists of India (ARTTI)


Recognition of the profession.

Developing the academic activities.

Exchange of information between individual to help members keep abreast of the advances in technology.

Nature of responsibility of the technologist.

To conduct annual professional conferences/workshops at regional levels.

The Association is a non-profit, non-trade, an all India organization primarily engaged in educational and research activities in the field of applications Radiation in Medical Sciences.

MEMBERSHIP & Who can become the Members:: The Association shall have the following classes of membership.

Life Member :

Radiotherapy Technologists, Therapy Radiographers, Medical Physicists,  and Radiation Oncologists

  1. Life Member shall be entitled to participate in the Annual General Body Meetings and Special General Body Meetings and shall have the right to vote and contest for an elective office of the Association. He/ She shall be entitled to such privileges defined by the General Body from time to time.
  2. Life Member: (i) A person qualified to become a member may become the Life Member by paying the prescribed fee for the Life Membership. Whenever the Life membership fee Increases Members have to pay the balance amount and update.(Mandatory)
    (ii) ‘Life Member’ shall be entitled in addition to the rights and privileges of a member of the Association, those defined by the General Body from time to time.
  3. Honorary Member: (i) Honorary member shall be a person of distinction who has rendered outstanding service in the field of Radiotherapy in medical sciences or to the society. This type of membership may be conferred by the General Body. For conferring such membership a proposal in writing shall be submitted by the Executive Committee to the General Body.
  4. Membership Fee: All members of various categories shall pay to the Association the appropriate membership fee as fixed by the General Body from time to time.
  5. All applications for membership of the Association shall be scrutinized by the Executive Committee to ensure that the conditions for membership are fulfilled. The Executive Committee shall have the power to refuse membership to any individual or institution without assigning reasons there for.
  6. The Executive Committee has the right to revoke the membership of any member who violate the rules and regulations of the Association and jeopardizes its objectives. Such revocation shall, however, be subject to endorsement by the General Body.


  1.  The General Body shall consist of all the members of the Association. Each member of the General Body shall have one vote.
  2. The General Body shall control all funds, properties and activities of the Association. The General Body may delegate such of its powers and authority to the Executive Committee as it considers appropriate for the efficient administration of the affairs of the Association.
  3. The President, or in his absence the Sr. Vice-President of the Association will preside over all meetings of the General Body and it shall be the duty of Secretary to circulate to all members an agenda which covers all business that is s ought to be brought before the General Body at least one month prior to the convening of the General Body.
  4. The General Body shall meet at least once a year within 90 days of the closing of accounts of the financial year to transact the following business:
    (a) Examine and adopt reports and recommendations of the Executive Committee.
    (b) Examine and adopt the audited accounts and balance sheet.
    (c) Elect and install the New Executive Committee whenever applicable.
    (d)Appoint the external auditor.
    (e) Perform any other functions that may be required by the Constitution of the Association.
  5. The quorum for a General Body Meeting shall be one-third of the total number of members or 50 whichever is less. If there is no quorum, the meeting shall be adjourned for at least 30 minutes and at the adjourned meeting the business of the original meeting shall be conducted and no quorum will be necessary.
  6.  A Special Body Meeting may be summoned on the request of either (a) The Executive Committee or (b) One-fifth of the number of members or 50 members of the Association whichever is less. In the latter case, the request must be made to the secretary in writing, clearly stating the subject or subjects to be discussed and must be signed by the members making the request. Such a meeting must be convened by the Secretary within a month of the request reaching the Secretary. The Secretary, o n the basis of decisions of the Executive Committee, shall circulate to the members notice regarding the agenda, date, time and venue of such a meeting at least fifteen days in advance of the proposed date for such a meeting. This meeting shall restrict t o the specific purpose for which it is called.


  1. The Association shall be managed by the Executive Committee which shall be constituted thus:
    Fifteen (15) members (Only Technologists) elected by the General Body.
    Presidents/Secretaries of various states, 9 any.
    From a Single City in India, there shall not be more than five members
  2. The elected members of the Executive shall elect from amongst them, a President, a Sr. vice-president, Vice President, a General Secretary, Sr. Joint secretary, Joint secretary zonal secretaries and a Treasurer and other posts…etc  A member having a minimum of three years of continuous membership or a life member with minimum three years standing in the Association may be duly proposed and seconded by two members (different Institutions)for election to the post of an Executive committee member the candidate shall sign a declaration that he/she agrees to stand for the election. Founder of the association is the permanent executive/Governing body member. He can hold any post if wish to continue. The Secretary/Election Officer will circulate the names of the candidates standing for election and there will be a 15 days period within which withdrawal can be affected. The election will be by secret ballot when more than 15 nominations are received.
  1. The term of office of the elected Executive Committee shall be two/three financial years. The term of office of co-opted members shall be till the date of completion of the annual Conference.
  2. A premature vacancy in the membership of the Executive Committee should be filled by co-option. Any such vacancy in the post of President, vice-president. Treasurer or Secretary shall be filled by duly elected member of the Executive Committee only.
  3. . The President of the Association shall preside over the Executive Committee meetings.
  4. In the absence of the President, the vice-president shall preside over the Executive Committee Meetings. In the absence of the President and vice-president, the Executive Committee shall request one member to chair the meeting.
  5. The quorum for the Executive Committee shall be five.
  6. All decisions of the Executive Committee shall be taken by a majority of voting.
  7. The executive function of the Association shall be performed by the Secretary of the Association in terms of any directives that may be issued to him by the Executive Committee.
  8. The Secretary shall ordinarily give 2 week’s notice to the members of the Executive Committee for convening a meeting and such notices shall contain a statement of the business to be transacted at the meeting.
  9. The Treasurer shall receive subscription, fees, donations and other moneys of the Association and shall issue receipts in respect of each. The treasurer shall maintain the accounts of the Association in the proper form and shall be responsible for the preparation and submission to the General Body of an annual statement of accounts, duly certified by the Auditor. He shall prepare budget estimates of income and expenditure for each year and submit it for approval of the Annual Genera l Body Meeting of the Association.
  10. All offices of the Association are non-profit and voluntary. No office bearer or member of the Association shall receive any honorarium, remuneration, salary or any compensation for the service rendered to the Association.
    Any office bearer or member of the Association will, however, be reimbursed the actual expenses, if any, incurred by him or her in course of carrying out the work approved by Executive Committee on behalf of the Association.
  11. The members of the Executive Committee severally or individually shall not be held responsible personally for any consequences of the decisions taken by the Executive Committee in performing its functions and in particular for any debts the Association might incur. The Executive Committee shall formulate a set of rules for the Association. All such rules shall be consistent with directives of general body and provisions of the
  12. Chairman, Honorary Chairman, Vice Chairman and members will be nominated among the all ex-Presidents and elected Board of Trustee members for Advisory board/Governing body.

 Advisory Board / Governing Body:

That the Advisory Board/Governing Body is formed to advice the National Executive committee and shall have authority to manage the affairs of the Association in case of emergency till the new Executive committee formed and Advisor board/Governing Body shall have the superior power to advice the National executive committee on important issues relating members welfare, co-ordination, office administration, other associated duties and shell dell with Government agencies.

The Advisory Board/Governing Body consists of following posts:

The founder & all ex- presidents of the association shell be the prominent members of Advisory board/Governing Body.  Founder will be the permanent Principal Chairman of advisory/Governing Body.

The activities of the Association shall be financed from the subscription money received from members. The Executive Committee may raise additional funds through publications or other activities and may also seek and accept financial support to the Association for organizing meeting, Symposia, Workshop , etc.

Any earnings/profits made by organizing the conferences and other related activities, Organizers have to give the 50% of earnings/profits to the association.

  1. The accounts of the Association shall be audited by a certified public auditor appointed by the General Body.
  2.  The financial year of the Association shall commence from 1st April and end on 31st March of the following year.
  3.  An audited statement of the accounts of the Association for the year shall be presented by Treasurer to the General Body at the annual meeting.



  1. Amendments to the Rules and Regulations may be proposed by either the Executive Committee or       a written request bearing the signature of one third of the total number of the members..
  2.  Any request for amendment of Rules and Regulations shall be submitted to the Secretary at least one month prior to the proposed date of General Body Meeting.
  3.  The Rules and Regulations may be amended by the affirmative vote of at least two third of those present and voting at the General Body Meeting.



If dissolution of the Association has been approved as stated above, the residual funds of the Association after meeting the liabilities, shall not be distributed among the members but shall be transferred or paid some other Institutions with similar aims and objects.