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Radiotherapy is a multidisciplinary specialty that uses complex equipment and radiation sources to deliver dose to the planned treatment volume. The objective of the therapeutic dose to the delineated target volume keeping doses to surrounding normal tissues as low as practicable consistent with the clinical requirement. Radiotherapy technologist’s play an important role in the procedural steps of radiotherapy practice and their contribution in particular are quite significant in treatment planning, patient simulation / verification treatment aid fabrication, treatment delivery and patient evaluation during the treatment.

In recent years the field of Radiation oncology has undergone the sea changes in its conventional treatment approach due to technological revolution. Various newer radiation techniques have been introduced like 3-D CRT, IMRT, IGRT, 4-D RT, SRS, SRT and Rapid Arc etc,. The present day External beam therapy and Brachy therapy machines are highly sophisticated and fully compute raised , which needs to be operated by highly trained Radiation therapy technologists for accurate and precise execution of technique as well as radiation delivery. The newer and newer technology is coming to India in big way. The Radiation therapy technologists needs to be highly intelligent and disciplined and also to be well versed with quality assurance of both equipment and different specialized Radiotherapy techniques. The Radiotherapy technologists are the key persons for executing the radiation to the patient.

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